Experience the Future with "Afro-Future Rising"

Generation AI:Afro-Future Rising” is a groundbreaking action-adventure platformer set in a post-apocalyptic world where Africa has risen as a technologically advanced superpower.


Years after a devastating World War III, the world is reeling under the effects of nuclear fallout.


Except for Africa, which, through foresight, unity, and innovative technology, avoided the war and its consequences. Now, as the most advanced continent, Africa faces a new challenge: the rest of the world, desperate and decimated, is intent on plundering its resources and technology.


The game uniquely blends African cultural heritage with futuristic cybernetic themes, offering players an immersive and diverse gaming experience.

Players embark on a journey to defend Africa’s sovereignty and extend its compassionate reach to heal the innocent victims of the war-torn world.

Game Features



 An engaging narrative set in a world reshaped by futuristic African dominance, filled with intrigue, conflict, and hope.

With a game world infused with African cultural references, art, and music, creating an authentic and vibrant setting.

A wide range of characters each with unique backstories, representing a blend of African cultures and futuristic elements.

Unique pet companions for each character, customizable with cybernetic enhancements

A mix of action, strategy, and exploration with a semi-3D perspective, catering to various playstyles.

Thrilling multiplayer modes, including strategic MOBA-style battles and competitive ranked play.

Game Modes

A narrative-driven campaign where players unravel the story, explore diverse regions, and face various challenges.

Fast-paced, cooperative and competitive gameplay including unique missions, resource gathering, and strategic outpost control.

For players seeking a more competitive edge, featuring skill-based matchmaking and leaderboards.

Factions and Characters

The game’s world map is a detailed and expansive representation of Africa and Europe, post-World War III.

The map is divided into numerous regions, each with its own unique landscape, cultural influences, and strategic significance.

The Pan-African Alliance (PAA)

Ethos: “Heal and Unite”

The Pan-African Alliance, guided by principles of compassion and unity, believes in extending a helping hand to the rest of the world, including the World Coalition.


They see the post-apocalyptic scenario as an opportunity to heal old wounds and establish a new world order based on cooperation and mutual respect. 


The PAA is technologically advanced, emphasizing non-lethal combat and healing technologies.

The African Sovereign Front (ASF)

Ethos: “Africa First”

The African Sovereign Front is fiercely protective of Africa’s sovereignty and resources.


They are wary of the rest of the world, citing historical exploitation and betrayal.


The ASF believes in a strong defense and is prepared to repel any external threats.



They are equipped with advanced offensive technologies and excel in guerrilla warfare.



The World Coalition (WC)

Ethos: “Survival at Any Cost”

The World Coalition consists of survivors from the rest of the world. Their lands ravaged by war, they seek to secure resources to rebuild.


The WC does not shy away from aggressive tactics and sees Africa’s resources as essential for the world’s recovery.


They have a mix of old-world and improvised technology.


Attackers & Defenders

Defend Africa from external threats and defeat both the World Coalition and the other African Faction or Assist the World Coalition, mediate peace, and ultimately defeat the militant faction within Africa that opposes this alliance.

Pet Companions

In “Afro-Future Rising,” players have the option to choose between a cybernetically enhanced dog or cat as their pet companion. These pets are not only faithful companions in the game’s narrative but also play a crucial role in gameplay mechanics.


The World Coalition (WC) faction in “Afro-Future Rising” is characterized as “looters,” focused on scavenging and exploiting resources in the post-apocalyptic landscape.


Gameplay Mechanics

  • Players must capture these outposts to gain control over a region. Capturing involves various missions like stealth operations, combat engagements, or tactical diplomacy.
  • Once an outpost is captured, it can be used for resources, spawning points, and accessing new missions.
  • Captured outposts are constantly under threat from rival factions. The rival African faction will attempt to reclaim outposts, while the World Coalition might try to loot them.
  • Players must strategize to defend their outposts, which can involve setting up defences, stationing troops, or personally intervening.
  • Gaining control of all outposts in a region grants the player control over that region. This unlocks new story arcs, resources, and special abilities.
  • Regional control also impacts the game’s narrative, influencing alliances and enemy movements.

The game world is dynamic, with outposts and regions constantly changing hands between factions. This creates a living, evolving world where player actions have significant impacts.

Managing resources and deciding where to allocate forces and defenses becomes a crucial aspect of gameplay. Players must balance offensive strategies with the need to maintain and defend their existing territories.

To enhance the competitive aspect of “Afro-Future Rising,” a MOBA-style element will be integrated, focusing on 1v1v1 or 2v2v2 matches.

  • In this mode, three players, each representing one of the game’s factions (Pan-African Alliance, African Sovereign Front, World Coalition), compete against each other.
  • Each player starts with a base in a randomly assigned region of the map.
  • In this mode, three teams of 2 players, each representing one of the game’s factions (Pan-African Alliance, African Sovereign Front, World Coalition), compete against each other.
  • Each team starts with a base in a randomly assigned region of the map.
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